“Father, Forgive Them”

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE, 19 March 2023 Sermon Text: Luke 23:34Sermon Sereies: "Jesus' Words on the Cross" (#1) Main Points:IntroductionI. Jesus’ way to the crossII. “Father”III. “ForgiveIV. “Them”Conclusion Another Easter season is here. We give deeper thanks to God the Father in this season for His love in sending His Son Jesus to die for … Continue reading “Father, Forgive Them”

Moses’ Question

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE, 12 March 2023 Sermon Text: Exodus 5:1-23Sermon Series: "Exodus" (#8) Main Points:IntroductionI. Unexpected trouble to IsraelII. Some incongruitiesIII. Moses’ question and God’s answerConclusion Following the book of Exodus, we now see Moses and Aaron finally enter the throne room in the Egyptian palace. How has Moses found the way to meet … Continue reading Moses’ Question

“Let My Son Go That He May Serve Me”

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE, 5 March 2023 Sermon Text: Exodus 4:18-31Sermon Series: "Exodus" (#7) Main Points:IntroductionI. Living fatherlessII. Father’s firstborn sonIII. Father’s love for the firstborn sonIV. Father’s deliverance of the firstborn sonConclusion While we wholeheartedly believe that the Bible is God’s inerrant and infallible Word, it’s undeniable that some OT custom seem strange to … Continue reading “Let My Son Go That He May Serve Me”

God’s Patience

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE, 26 February 2023 Sermon Text: Exodus 4:1-17Sermon Series: "Exodus" (#6) Main Points:IntroductionI. Patient with man’s arroganceII. Patient with man’s weaknessIII. Patient with man’s inanityIV. Potent with His own In our reading of the first half of ch. 4, Moses has just ended telling us about his encounter with God. He has … Continue reading God’s Patience

The Beginning of God’s Salvation

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE, 8 January 2023 Sermon Text: Exodus 1:1-22Sermon Series: "Exodus" (#1) Main Points:IntroductionI. Israel’s genealogyII. Pharaoh’s plan for God’s peopleIII. God’s plan for His peopleConclusion From today and continuing in two weeks’ time, we will focus on Exodus, the second book of the Bible, and contemplate on God’s amazing story of saving … Continue reading The Beginning of God’s Salvation

The Power And Practice Of Prayer

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE, 1 January 2023 Sermon Text: John 14:1-14 Main Points:IntroductionI. The power of prayerII. The practice of prayerConclusion A day like today is the best day to begin with prayer, isn’t it? I believe that setting out our journey of faith in a new and fresh year is not only proper but … Continue reading The Power And Practice Of Prayer