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People’s Unbelif and Jesus’ Passion

LORD’S DAY MORNING SERVICE, 28 April 2019. John 12:37-50; Isaiah 52:13-53:6 Rev. Dr. Kwangho Song Main Points: Introduction I. People’s unbelief (vs. 37-43) II. Jesus’ passion (vs. 44-50) Conclusion INTRODUCTION Ch. 12 of John’s Gospel is an interesting and important chapter. Interesting because by the end of this chapter, Jesus’ public ministry is ended. I … Continue reading People’s Unbelif and Jesus’ Passion

The Glorious Message of Jesus’ Resurrection

Sermon from John 20:1-31, preached on Easter Sunday, 21 April 2019. Bible Readings: (OT) Psalm 16:1-11 / (NT) John 20:1-31 Main Points: Introduction I. Jesus’ resurrection declares the bestowal of His peace II. Jesus’ resurrection entrusts us with His mission III. Jesus’ resurrection prompts our growth in faith Conclusion INTRODUCTION In June 1815, almost exactly … Continue reading The Glorious Message of Jesus’ Resurrection

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