Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! We pray that your visit to St Columba’s webpage may be a pleasant experience as much as attending Sunday morning worship services alongside all worshippers at St Columba’s.

It is great to welcome you in the name of the Lord Jesus!

Going through a challenging time with the COVID-19 outbreak, we have learned how grateful it is for God’s congregation to meet unhindered and freely worship our gracious God. St Columba’s congregation has come back from a temporary closure and been gathering to worship the Lord in full joy since the end of May 2020.
We thank God for guiding and leading us always in His grace and pray that the Lord in His mercy may extend His care to all people on earth so that Christ’s church may be filled with praises of all who seek, find and grow in the Saviour Jesus Christ.

All welcome; come along and enjoy the Lord’s blessing through His Word read and expounded in our worship services and respond through praises and prayers in Jesus’ name.

Minister’s Message

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