Jesus Christ the High Priest

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE Sermon Text: Hebrews 4:14-16Sermon Series: "Jesus the Son of God" Main Points:IntroductionI. A high priest and the day of atonementII. The arrival of the perfect High PriestIII. The end of all fears, the beginning of all joyConclusion About a month ago, the city of Adelaide held a special event called Christmas … Continue reading Jesus Christ the High Priest

Jesus Christ, The Son Of Man

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE, 4 December 2022 Sermon Text: Matthew 16:15-16Sermon Series: Jesus Christ the Son of God Main Points:IntroductionI. The Son of ManII. The Son of Man declaredIII. The Son of Man in believer’s lifeConclusion I wonder whether you’ve heard of a group of biblical scholars called Jesus Seminar. Since its foundation in 1985 … Continue reading Jesus Christ, The Son Of Man