The King of kings

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE, 20 November 2022 Sermon Text: Psalm 2:1-12 Main Points:IntroductionI. The rebellion of nations and peoplesII. The divine derision of the rebelsIII. The declaration of God’s decreeIV. The summons for the rebelsConclusion We’re looking at the second psalm, following last week’s study on the first one. And these two psalms are together … Continue reading The King of kings

A Reform God Desires

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE, 6 November 2022 Sermon Text: 2 Chronicles 14-20 Main Points:IntroductionI. The core of Asa and Jehoshaphat’s reformationII. The flaw in Asa and Jehoshaphat’s reformationIII. God at the centre of revivalConclusion Asa and Jehoshaphat were kings of Judah. They reigned over Judah in the 10th and 9th centuries BC. As father and … Continue reading A Reform God Desires