What Is Salvation?

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE, 14 November 2021 Sermon Text: Ephesians 2:8-9Sermon Series: "What Is?" (#4) SERMON SCRIPT:Main Points:IntroductionI. Rescue from total devastationII. The gift of GodIII. No boasting but resting in the SaviourConclusion Last June in a foreign country, a building collapsed due to its weak foundation. A newspaper reported: ‘Police arrested the contractor and … Continue reading What Is Salvation?

What Is the GOSPEL?

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE, 7 November 2021 Sermon Text: Romans 5:6-9Sermon Series: "What/Who Is?" (#3) SERMON SCRIPT:Main Points:IntroductionI. The good news begins with bad newsII. The good news is the old newsIII. The good news is now at work in the faithfulConclusion As we continue in the sermon series on ‘What is?’, my purpose is … Continue reading What Is the GOSPEL?