True Christian Discipleship

LORD'S DAY MORNING SERVICE, 29 December 2019 Sermon Text: John 6:53-69 Main Points: Introduction I. Jesus’ teaching on the core of Christianity II. Jesus’ question to His disciples III. A disciple’s answer Conclusion: True Christian discipleship INTRODUCTION It has arrived – the last Lord’s Day in 2019. More than that, the last Lord’s Day in … Continue reading True Christian Discipleship

The Wonder of the Gospel

CHRISTMAS DAY MORNING SERVICE, 25 December 2019 Sermon Text: Luke 1:37 Main Points: Introduction I. “How will this be?” II. “Nothing will be impossible with God!” III. The wonder of the gospel Conclusion INTRODUCTION Unlike the other three Gospels, Luke’s Gospel begins not with Jesus’ birth, but with stories of some other people such as … Continue reading The Wonder of the Gospel

Repentance: The Gate to the Kingdom

LORD'S DAY MORNING SERVICE, 15 December 2019 Sermon Text: Matthew 21:28-32 Main Points: Introduction I. Repentance preached II. Repentance: its beginning and end III. Repentance: God’s purpose IV. Repentance: the floodgate of God’s love! Conclusion INTRODUCTION One of the world’s prominent airlines introduces Perth to their potential customers as ‘the gate to Western Australia’s towering … Continue reading Repentance: The Gate to the Kingdom