“Strive to Enter Through the Narrow Door”

LORD'S DAY MORNING SERVICE, 17 November 2019 Sermon Text: Luke 13:23-24 Main Points: Introduction I. “The narrow door” II. “Strive to enter”     1. Strive to hear the bad news about us     2. Strive to hold onto the gospel conviction     3. Strive to stop hanging around near the door III. Why should people … Continue reading “Strive to Enter Through the Narrow Door”

“Impossible with Men”

LORD'S DAY MORNING SERVICE, 3 November 2019 Sermon Text: Mark 10:26-27 Main Points: Introduction I. Men’s search for salvation II. The impossibility with men III. The possibility with God IV. The central message of Christianity Conclusion INTRODUCTION This passage we’ve just read begins with a certain man’s sudden action and surprising question to Jesus. He … Continue reading “Impossible with Men”